On my family’s recent trip (our first) across the pond to Europe I was determined to head over there with an open mind. I never did any research before we left. I didn’t research the best hotels or the best place to eat or what not to see or eat. I wanted to go to Europe without any preconceived ideas or thoughts whatsoever.

Why? I wanted to be able to make opinions and experience everything there for myself I wanted to be a virgin traveler!

Life should be and CAN be so much like my travels to Europe. 

We should go through life not listening to what others are saying, the gossip, even the voice in our heads that tells us things we don’t need to hear and oh have I heard those thoughts in my head. We have to rise above those thoughts. Who put them there anyway? You really are what you believe. So start by speaking or seeing everyday the mantra of what you want to be or achieve. Say it in the morning with your prayer or mediation and say it at night with your prayer or meditation! Even if prayer or meditation is not your thing then put that sticky note on your mirror in your bathroom so you see it at minimum morning and night. 

I wish in my life I would have heard this and or learned this behavior before now, my mid 40’s, I feel it would have changed so much of my life it would have changed so much of who I am. However, God does not do things to us he does things for us (I just love that saying)!