Most people taking the Five Love Languages test on the web, the book, or from a coach
or workshop are doing so to connect at a deeper level with their loved ones. They see
the link between the languages and a tighter bond.
The magic reaches epic proportions when you apply your detective skills and discover
the love languages in everyday people you are in relationship with. In similar ways, you
can have increased trust and connection in all areas of your life by identifying the love
languages of the people you meet regularly.
Let’s explore scenarios where you can gain favor outside the home using the love
languages knowledge.
At Work- Gain a step up on the competition at work by determining your
administration’s love language. Connect with your boss by delivering regular doses of
his preferred language. Let’s say he’s a Words of Affirmation guy. Share with him how
much his mentorship means and is helping you become better in your career. If she’s
an Acts of Service woman, then go the extra mile to knock something tedious off her
plate so she can have a break.
In Your Business- If you work one-on-one with clients, determine their love language
and engage them specifically in a unique way. If your client likes quality time, encourage
a meetup for lunch for your next meeting. Put your cell away and make lots of eye
contact. If you know your client loves gifts, send her a small gift via Amazon that is
specific to the work the two of you do together. If they love words of affirmation, try
giving them a shout out on social media.
Service Providers- Make yourself stand out with the men and women who provide
services for you. Don’t wait for the holidays to give your hairdresser or mail carrier a gift.
Bring them something in July just to show you care. Give you dog groomer a few extra
words of thanks the next time you pick the dog up. Share a specific detail about why
you keep coming back and offer to give them a Yelp review.
Random Acts of Kindness- You can change someone’s day by picking up on a
language that makes all the difference. Have you ever been in line behind someone
being a jerk to a cashier? Before that guy is out of sight, say to the clerk “I am so sorry
that guy acted that way, you didn’t deserve that.” By taking action in earshot of the
culprit, you champion for that clerk and allow them to recover from the unpleasant
Knowing the love languages and having an arsenal of simple ways to express them is a
tool box filled to the brim with love and kindness. Make it your everyday goal to discover

the love languages of the people you encounter and apply your skills for the greatest