Have you felt the urge to make a fresh start? It’s perfectly normal to come to the end of something and want more. Now, I’m not saying ending a marriage or a family relationship that is healthy – I am speaking about areas of life that typically evolve over time. Areas like:

  • Career
  • Style
  • Finances
  • Health

Those are the top areas of life where people often want a fresh start. Sometimes due to crisis and sometimes due to an inner desire for a shift in a better direction.

Our lives are so different than they were a few generations ago. There was a time when people rarely left their hometown in their lifetime. There was no internet to explore anything and everything. It took considerable effort to investigate and explore anything of interest. People simply didn’t know how much was available to them. A flashback but do y’all remember encyclopedias? I sure do!

Not only that, people were mostly influenced by those in fairly close proximity. There was a sameness that developed because there wasn’t much exposure to other cultures, communities, or spheres of influence.

Note: Social media is an excellent example of how influences can spark the desire for reinvention. A simple post or pin can ignite a new passion in any area of life. Something you never knew was an option can change your career, personal style, your finances, or your health.

Today, we can sit at a computer and witness all the bounty that our lives could be enjoying. We can see and experiment at unprecedented levels. We don’t have to have a formal education to learn something new, and as entrepreneurs, there is no limit to what we can do for a career. We can explore all sorts of style – fashion, architecture, home decor, and more. The options are limitless. We can easily be taught how to manage our careers, our income, and maximize our health.

Have you felt the nudge to make a change in a certain area of your life? Do you want to start or stop something? Learn a new or better way to be on the Earth? You are fortunate to live in a time when you can literally explore any idea and make any change you feel called towards. Consider exploring a change in one of the top areas of life and see what doors open, close, or break free.