Tips for Managing Relationships that Aren’t Top Priority

May 14, 2024 | Mindset

Just because a relationship isn’t a top priority, doesn’t mean it has no value. While some relationships are close and personal, others are casual or occasional which doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Finding a way to manage relationships that aren’t a top priority can be easier when you consider these tips . . .

Tip: Set aside specific time for relationships that are important but not top priority- Being intentional about relationships makes it easier to manage them and keep them flourishing. Some of the best relationships don’t require frequent attention. In this case, it’s all about quality versus quantity. This can be especially helpful with long-standing friendships or professional relationships.

There are lots of ways to maintain a connection without taking up valuable time. Some include-

  • Grabbing coffee once per month
  • Texting memes or funny ideas
  • Chatting on the phone
  • Zoom meet-ups
  • Annual get-togethers or get-aways
  • Sending cards or gifts on occasion

In cases like these, it isn’t about how often you engage but that the engagement is meaningful and fun!

Tip: Be the first to keep in touch- When you must prioritize other relationships, it could ruffle some feathers. It’s natural for people to feel badly when they aren’t a top priority, but you can do a lot to help them understand your current season. Don’t assume people know what your priorities are. Be up front and honest so people don’t take it personally. Be the first to reach out and consider it your responsibility to help keep a connection going, even if it isn’t as frequent as it once was.

Tip: Consider ending connections- It may be tough to consider, but some connections must come to an end. Whether it’s friendships, affiliations, or commitments in your community. It’s natural to drag your feet to avoid offending anyone, but keeping things in limbo can make them worse. Sometimes it’s better to grit your teeth and bring things to a close so you can make room for your priorities.

Tip: Understand and give grace when you aren’t a priority- When you have to make tough decisions about your priorities, you know how painful it is to shift someone to the bottom of the list. Be understanding with your connections when you can’t be their top priority. Allow them to go through their unique seasons while maintaining a more distant, yet loving connection. They will appreciate your grace and understanding.

Just because a relationship isn’t a top priority, doesn’t mean there isn’t any value. Learn to maintain non-essential relationships without taking time away from your priorities.

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