When you’ve got the blah’s, it can be hard to shake. That’s because the blahs
sometimes lead to depression or a loss of energy. This can make laying on the couch
feel like a great idea. While there’s nothing wrong with a mental health day on the couch
binging your favorite series, that shouldn’t be a permanent state of being.
The trouble is, it can be hard to override the blahs and get yourself revved up again. It
just seems easier to lay low and take a nice long nap, doesn’t it? When you’re feeling
low-energy, ho-hum and like you just want to check out, try these three tips to beat the
Beat the blahs tip #1.- Get up and get dressed. One of the best ways to beat the blahs
is to make yourself get ready for the day. If there’s not much motivating you, it can feel
easy to stay in your pajamas and graze snacks all day. Taking a shower and getting
ready in real clothing can help you beat the blahs and be ready to do something fun.
Beat the blahs tip #2.- Get out of town. Sometimes the same old thing adds to your
sense of boredom. The same stores, the same foods, the same drive home. When
you’re feeling blah, that’s the best time to get out of town. From an extended weekend
to a week-long…or longer, vacation can help shake things up. Seeing new sites, eating
new foods, and having new experiences can banish the blahs and make room for
something exciting.
Beat the blahs tip #3.- Get a buddy. Everything’s better in pairs. Finding a buddy to try
something new can help you stay accountable and give you someone to make
memories with. Find someone with similar interest to try a new adventure with and
encourage one another to have a great time and get out of your funk.
Beating the blahs can be hard when your boredom has robbed your energy. Don’t stay
on the couch one more day. Find a partner, get out of town, or simply get up and get
dressed and start shifting from the couch to a much more interesting activity. You’ll be
glad you did, and you’ll enjoy reviving yourself and having more fun. In the end, taking
these steps will be worth the effort it takes to beat the blahs.