Change is difficult to do on our own. Why would we? No matter what we want to accomplish in life, someone already knows how to do it. It is important to plug into the teachers and experts who can shorten our learning curve, so we don’t have to work harder than necessary or trip and fall needlessly along the way. Work smarter, not harder.

For some, finances are tricky. Making changes can be really hard if you feel like you don’t have enough money and are entrenched in habits that are hard to break. Luckily, there are people who love solving financial problems and have expertise that can change the money game forever.

Here are three people – or types of people – who can change your financial life.
Financial Planners: Financial planners have their mind on the bigger picture. They are thinking about the long haul and the end game. Financial planners can give you all the information you need to have your goals met on the way and through retirement. Financial planners can work with you from the beginning of your career and throughout your working years to maximize your income and plan for your future.

Financial Educators: Whether you follow Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, or another online personality, or you have a brick-and-mortar teacher. Financial educators can help you make better decisions about your spending, and they can help counsel you about why you think the way you do about your finances. The combination of education and counseling can clean up any weird ideas you have about money and get you on track with better spending habits.

Tax Preparers: Taxes can be scary. Using the tax code to your advantage is vital to keep on top of the laws and regulations that affect you. A tax preparer can help you be strategic and maximize your income so more of it remains with you and not the government.

Finances are the key to everything. They fuel the choices that you and your family have and directly affect your ability to be, do, and have the things you want. Being able to make a fresh start with your money can change your life. Be willing to find the best support you can and make the fresh start easier.