Personal development is a process that you will work on for your entire life. It will help
you assess your skills, qualities, and will help you build the lifestyle and life that you
envision that you desire for happiness and a high quality of life. The personal
development plan can help you with all aspects of your life and help you become more
self-aware at home and at work.
Perform a SWOT on Your Life
A well-designed personal development plan will address your strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and roadblocks or threats in all areas of your life that you develop. Your
plan will identify your strengths so that you can improve them, your weaknesses are so
that you can make up for them, and new opportunities, so you know when a door (or
window) is open, as well as noting any roadblocks or threats along the way.
Recognize Development Areas
When you perform your SWOT in each area of your life, you will discover internal and
external things that are blocking your success. For example, you may hold the belief
you’ll never have enough money to save for the future. Because of that, when you do
get “extra” money, you tend to blow it right away on all the things you feel you missed
out on before. This is a limiting belief about money that a lot of people have because
most people think money is a finite resource when it’s not. It’s manmade. Therefore, we
can make more.
Identify Your Resources
You may do some work that helps you look at the resource you have available to do a
specific task. For example, if you decide you want to start a coaching business, what
resources do you have to start it. What things do you need, what things can you live
without, what can you do yourself, what does someone else need to do. This works in
every single aspect of your life. You may realize you already have all the skills inside to
do exactly what you wanted to do. However, you may realize that you need to pay for
additional brainpower (resources).
Build Better Relationships
One of the most shocking aspects of creating a self-development plan is how much it
can help relationships. When you realize that you only control your own behavior and
actions, it starts to get easier to manage relationships. Treating them how you want to
be treated is an excellent start but becoming self-aware enough to go farther and realize
that not everyone likes what you like so you may need to treat someone the way they
like to be treated instead.

Whatever you want to work on can be done via the personal development plan.
Whether you want to lose weight, start a business, change jobs, or go back to school –
the goal doesn’t matter as much as developing the plan that you need to get where you
want to go. Your plan will not be the same as anyone else’s because you are different.
That’s why it’s so consequential and unique because it’s just for you.