Why do you get up in the morning? Are you motivated by a purpose or driven by a passion or pet project that gets a lot of your attention? Having a purpose is an important way to live a fulfilled life. As a kid, your purpose may have been sports or trying to master a musical instrument. You may have had a passion for art, photography, or unlocking the newest level of a video game. As a young adult, you may have had a passion for being a parent, making your way in your chosen career, or working hard on a social justice issue. Life has a way of wearing down the drive and dulls what once was a purpose.

Purpose can come from a couple of places: Passion for the sake of gain or passion due to the pain of loss.

Let’s take a look:

Passion for the sake of gain. Sometimes a passion is born from the hope to make a change, conquer a challenge, or otherwise master something. From finding a cure for a long-standing medical phenomenon to making an impact in your local community, having a passion for the sake of gain makes it possible to stay focused and move forward.

Passion due to the pain of loss. Many large-scale charities or social movements have been born from a devastating loss. From a personal tragedy to a community-wide impact, sometimes loss creates purpose.

Having a purpose – a reason bigger than yourself – gives you something important to focus on and can keep life interesting. Everyone faces their immortality and asks themselves “Why am I here?” at some point. This quote sums it up best: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain.

If you are struggling with feeling unfulfilled, it may be time to find a purpose bigger than yourself to get behind. From local to global, there is a cause or a movement that might be the very thing you can get excited about.

Consider these opportunities:

Volunteer. Get out and offer your time and resources to organizations that align with your values and beliefs. You may discover that you feel a renewed sense of purpose and want to get more involved. Try a variety of options until you find one that fits like a glove.

Create. If you have the energy, resources, and moxie, consider spearheading a movement or a cause that provides a solution to your community or larger population. You may be the one to make a change that impacts many lives.

The surest way to cure unfulfillment is to find something bigger than yourself to focus on. Before long, you’ll be focused and making an impact that feels amazing and gives you a great reason to get up every day.