Cooking a whole chicken can seem like a long, arduous process. To some it is downright scary. What if I don’t cook it enough and everyone gets sick, what if I burn it or what if it is just terrible! 

Throw those worries to the side here is a no fail recipe for the easiest ever roasted chicken!

I taught myself how to make this very simple. I do this almost every Sunday and I can make 2 days of meals out of just 1 chicken!

Buy an organic whole chicken. Where I live we have Publix and I buy the whole Greenwise Organic Chicken. 

After opening the package I usually give my bird a quick rinse under water. I then make sure the gizzard or neck (sometimes they are left loose in the cavity of the bird)…yuucckkk you say? Yeah me too! 

Spray pam in an oven safe dish (I prefer to use an old-fashioned roasting pan) and pre-heat oven to 350 Degrees.

I then cut up an onion and stuff it in the cavity of the bird. Place the bird in your pan and spray it with Pam cooking spray. I then put a seasoning over the top I prefer Kosmos Dirty Bird seasoning (sooo much flavor). I then flip it over and do the same thing. I always place my bird breast side down. 

Place in oven for 70-90 minutes (my oven is set on convection so I go 70) but I have done it in a conventional oven at it has taken about 90-minutes. Check the chicken 3/4 of the way through with a meat thermometer and it should read 165 degrees. Once it reaches 165 take it out and let rest.

See wasn’t that easy? All you have to do is then serve it. I usually have nice baked potatoes and a vegetable. Plus you will probably have leftovers for the next day. Chicken salad anyone?