There never seems to be enough time during the holidays. Connecting with family and
friends is important all year, but especially during the holidays. One of the easiest ways
to connect and engage your friends and family is through a newsletter.
There’s lots of value in creating a holiday newsletter. Holiday newsletters tend to

* Save Cost
*Keeps people connected and informed
*Build community

Holiday newsletters save time and money- There was a time when sending holiday
cards was normal. The rising cost of postage can make a big dent in your holiday
budget though. Thankfully, a holiday newsletter can be sent by post or electronically.
Crafting one letter that everyone can read can save a lot of time too.

Holiday newsletters keep people connected and informed– A well-written newsletter
can fill everyone in on the highlights from your year. Sharing the highs and the lows that
made the biggest impact on you and your family brings everyone on the same page with
how your year went. This can help ensure everyone is up to date on what’s going on in
your world without having to make a bunch of calls or send a bunch of emails to make
sure everyone is informed.

Holiday newsletters build community– People come to love and expect your annual
updates. It forms a sort of tradition that people look forward to. Have fun with the project
and expand on it when you have the time and resources. You can make your newsletter
a video or add fun pictures to enhance the experience.

Typical things to include in an annual newsletter
*Any big changes that occurred
*Babies born or people who have passed away
*Eventful Vacations
*And more

Your newsletter can include anything you think your friends and family will find interest
in. Focus on the highlights from the year.

If you find something interesting about your life, chances are those close to you will as
well. Enjoy sharing the events and activities that shaped your life and encourage your
friends and family to send you news of their past year too.

Newsletters are a personalized way to connect with many people at once with very low
effort. It’s a wonderful way to let people know you are thinking of them and want to
make sure you stay connected. Getting a newsletter can brighten someone’s holiday
season and help keep and maintain healthy friendships.