The 5 People You Should Hire First for Your Company

Mar 12, 2024 | Business

Figuring out who to hire when you first launch your new company can be complicated.

As a small business, you probably won’t have a lot of cash to put towards finding the right talent. This means you’ll need to choose your investments wisely.

While you might be tempted to hire for a top-level position, such as Chief of Technology or marketing manager, it might be better to start small.

If you’re struggling to figure out who you should be hiring, don’t panic.

Here are some of the first people you should hire.

Web Designer or Developer

Hiring a web designer or developer doesn’t have to mean having an in-house employee. These days, you can find skilled professionals capable of working on a freelance basis.

If you’re not sure how much of something you’ll need, it’s usually a good idea to start with a freelance option.

A freelance web designer or developer will be the person who works on getting your website up and running. Most companies need at least a basic website to demonstrate their credibility.

A good web designer will be able to set up your website and ensure you’re ready to start processing sales (if you sell online).

Graphic Artist

Unfortunately, a graphic artist isn’t always the same thing as a web designer. Although you can find freelancers and agencies which offer both services, if you can’t get the two together you’ll need to invest in them separately.

A graphic artist is the person you’ll work with when you need to create the visual aspects of your brand.

This is the person who can create your logo, design various social media graphics, and even create business card designs.

Depending on how many graphics you need, you might work with a freelance graphic artist for a little while. If you have a lot of graphics needs, you may eventually bring someone on full-time.

Marketing Professional

The kind of marketing professional you hire to promote your brand will depend heavily on your business. If you’re trying to appeal to a younger audience through visual, personal content, you’ll need a social media marketing manager.

This person can help you plan various social media campaigns to strengthen brand awareness and create brand loyalty.

If you’re hoping to position yourself as a thought leader, attract more traffic to your website, and boost rankings on Google, you’ll need a content creator. Someone who knows SEO and has the ability to consistently create content for your site will be essential here.

As your business grows, you can experiment with different kinds of marketing strategies to boost your chances of success, from video and podcast creation to influencer marketing, and even sending out email marketing newsletters.

Sales Professionals

If you’re going to be selling products or services online, you’ll need a sales team, or at least a sales manager to help you. A sales manager focuses on generating new leads and finding new sources of revenue for your company.

In addition to helping with sales, you may also want to hire sales representatives to help with things like customer service.

Eventually, your clients are going to come to you with questions. A sales rep will be on-hand to manage them for you.

As your business grows, you may need to bring additional sales professionals on board to deal with a higher number of customers.


Finally, one of the most important people you can have on your team is an accounting professional capable of helping you understand your cash flow.

An accountant can help you understand where you can cut costs and increase revenue, as well as helping you with things like preparing your tax returns.

Although there are various tools available online which can help with things like tracking expenses and invoices, having an accountant on-hand can come with a lot of additional benefits. For instance, most tax professionals will be able to give you advice on special tax relief options and savings you might not be aware of.

Now you’re ready to go out and start hiring the people who can transform your business.

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