Family time is a rare commodity in today’s world. There are so many things pulling
family members in all directions that it can be hard to be in the same room at the same
time. With all of the demands out there, joy can fall by the wayside and be
overshadowed by stress, but families can avoid stress by engaging in tasks that
promote joy.
Three tasks that promote joy:

  1. Helping one another
  2. Exploring personal interests
  3. Creating traditions
    Helping one another: The surest way to get out of your own funk is to do something for
    someone you love. Helping your family creates bonds that last a lifetime. Being
    courteous and caring uplifts others and creates a sense of camaraderie between family
    Encourage your family to learn each other’s love language and take special steps to
    engage them in the way they love most. Reward your children when they are kind to
    one another for being selfless. Point out the ways they bring one another joy and model
    a joyful presence for them.
    Exploring personal interests: Nothing feels more joyful than doing the things you love
    the most. Encourage your family to engage in activities that bring them joy. If your
    children are young, help them explore the options available to them and pay close
    attention to the things they resonate with.
    Encourage your family to support one another in their interests. Ask questions and
    participate in an activity that your child loves with them. Attend their events, share in
    their expression of enthusiasm, and be their biggest cheerleader as they find the things
    that excite them most.

Creating traditions: Families that play together, stay together. Creating traditions
unique to your family dynamic builds a sense of belonging and purpose. From a favorite
meal or game night to an annual vacation, there are many ways to create meaningful
traditions. Be intentional about your memory-making and encourage your whole family
to contribute ideas about what would make the tradition meaningful for them.
Encourage your family to share what it is they love most about your traditions. Chances
are, each member will appreciate and find joy in a unique way. Hearing the impact your
traditions have on one another will help express the joy they feel and anchor the
memories into their core.
Helping your family find and express their joy is a parenting win!