There’s a lot that goes into executing a Thanksgiving Day feast. Prepping for the day,
cooking, cleaning, and making sure things are just right can really take its toll. It’s
normal for people to feel stressed, even when they are trying to feel blessed.
In all the hustle and bustle the true meaning of the holiday might get lost so it’s
important to take a deep breath and remind yourself of what’s most important.
Here are some Thanksgiving reminders that will help you and your family stress
less and enjoy the holiday.

Stress less reminder– You’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving isn’t about
food, it’s about gratitude. Celebrating the holiday without reminding yourself what
you have to be thankful for would be a waste. Be sure to find gratitude in the simplest
things. There’s something about being grateful that diminishes worries and stress.
Sure, you’ve got things to feel overwhelmed about but there is so much more to be
thankful for!

Stress less reminder– People don’t care how clean your home is. It might feel
overwhelming and stressful prepping for company and hosting people. The urge to
clean can lead to the urge to redecorate, paint walls, and more. Don’t let prep get
out of hand and stress you out. Most people won’t notice dust bunnies or some
clutter. Stress less by doing what you can before your gathering and not worrying
about what you can’t get done. If the meal is great and the company is fun, what
more can you ask for?

Stress less reminder– Cherish people because time is short. We never know what the
future holds. It’s important to cherish people while they are here. If you rarely see
family outside of the holidays be sure to soak up as much time with them as you can.
Stress less by prioritizing quality time with family and friends and letting go of chores,
expectations, and duties that prevent you from staying connected. When it’s all said
and done, people won’t recall what you fed them for the Thanksgiving meal, but they
will remember how you made them feel when you were together.

So much goes into planning gatherings that it can cause stress when it should cause
joy. Stress less by reminding yourself of what matters most and soaking up the
friends and family time that accompanies Thanksgiving. Be careful to remind yourself
that you’ve got a lot to be thankful for, people truly don’t mind a messy house, and
life’s short…love people.

Working through a tough season. You aren’t alone. Take the steps you need to help
prevent or manage your depression and you’ll find yourself enjoying the holiday rather
than dreading it.