I’m a highly-rated motivational speaker with 25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur. I work with groups, individuals, and organizations to amplify their authenticity and empower them to become a better version of themselves. Jennifer is also the host of The Confident Female Entrepreneur With Jennifer Ann Johnson Podcast.

I take a balanced approach to helping you solve business issues, address mindset challenges, and tailor the approach to suit you and your needs, ensuring we get results. I help you connect all the dots.


  • Core Values
  • White Space aka “Pink Space”
  • Resilience
  • Authenticity
  • Retail-Resale
  • Domestic Violence-Sexual Assault

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"What an honor . . .

 . . . it was to be in the audience. Your speech gave me chills. Thank you for being such an inspiration”

– Vena

"Thank you jennifer . . .

 . . . Thank you Jennifer. I think about your words daily. You have inspired me.”

– Wendy

“. . . leaving audiences feeling empowered and motivated to embrace their own journeys.”

Jennifer Johnson is an incredible speaker whose bravery and authenticity shine through in every engagement. Her willingness to share her personal story is truly inspiring. Jennifer’s courage in speaking out about her experiences serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges. Her presentations are not only captivating but also deeply impactful, leaving audiences feeling empowered and motivated to embrace their own journeys. I highly recommend Jennifer as a speaker for any event seeking to spark meaningful conversations and foster a sense of resilience and empowerment.”


Hi there, I'm Jennifer.

My guess is you are thinking about starting a business but have no idea how to get going, or you have a business but are stuck or frustrated in an area of your business or maybe you stumbled across my podcast?

Whatever path you took to find me, I’m so glad you’re here! This website is packed with tips on how to start, run and grow your business in style.

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