Being stressed filters life through a distorted lens. Being uptight and worried makes it
really hard to see what’s right with the world. Whatever tends to be the biggest issue in
life tends to be the biggest focus. If stress is looming large, stressful things may be all
you can see.
One of the biggest weapons against stress is gratitude. Seeing life with a grateful heart
can help increase joy and happiness… even when there’s a lot of stress.
You can be intentional about seeking joy through gratitude. There are lots of ways to be
grateful and intentionally focus on finding joy. Here are a few:
Start a gratitude journal: Journals are a great way to refocus your frame of mind and
find joy in the smallest of things. Intentionally writing down things you are joyful for can
help you overcome stress and wash away the negativity. There is always something to
be grateful for, and journaling helps emphasize what’s right even when things feel
Find a gratitude partner: Wherever two or more people come together with the same
intention, there is power. Find a partner to commit to sharing gratitude. Meet regularly to
discuss positive topics and lift one another up. Use your time to validate one another
and share high-quality time.
Manage what you are exposed to: We are the sum of the things we do the most. The
people we see, the foods we eat, the things we allow into our world. Manage what you
watch on television, what you read, and what you consume. Making sure things are as
wholesome and positive as possible will help you filter out the negative influences and
regulate the amount of joy and gratitude you experience.

Mind your manners: Saying “please” and “thank you” are forms of gratitude. Being
mindful of your manners and how you engage others will directly impact your
experience with them. Being kindhearted and having a grateful heart will encourage
others to do the same. Encourage your family to be kind to one another and reward
your children when you catch them using their manners.
Finding joy takes intentional action. Having a grateful heart helps joy stay front and
center in your life. Whether you journal, find a buddy to keep you centered, or take time
to smell more flowers, there is value to seeking joy on purpose through a grateful heart.