Going out of the county for 3-weeks was downright terrifying. I had a business to run, family to take care of, a puppy who needed us and what if something happens. Oh yeah that big “WHAT IF” started creeping into my mind. 

I had to have a serious talk with myself to answer all those nagging questions I had in my head. 

  1.  Business – we have an amazing team that will go above and beyond and that will all be taken care of
  2. Family to take care of – They are coming with us
  3. Puppy to care for – We have a pet sitter
  4. What if something happens? We have a will, and nothing will happen. If we were always worried about this all we would do is sit at home and go nowhere 

I gave myself the mindset that this was going to be a magical and amazing trip with my family. Afterall my twins will be Seniors this year and this may be the last “family” trip they will want to take with us. I vowed during the trip to be present for them and my husband and not be distracted with anything else. I also vowed to myself that I would try and do some personal learning while I was gone. I had a list of podcasts I wanted to finally be able to listen to, I had several books I wanted to read (you should have seen my under the seat bag lol)

As you can see mindset is everything. Sometimes all you must do is reframe what you are thinking about and logically go through all your “objections” no matter what topic you are dealing with. When you put them on paper sometimes your objections may seem silly or serious and that will help you make any decision easier. So my trip and preparation for the trip has proven to be character building for me.