Holiday gatherings can be a lot of fun, plus a lot of work! What was meant for enjoyment
can easily turn into a headache and affect your sanity. Sometimes the idea of a
gathering is way more fun than executing a big event. What started out as an idea to host
people turns into a laundry list of things that need to be done to get ready.
Thankfully, there are some great tips out there for hosting happy holiday gatherings that
will save your sanity.

Sanity saving tip #1. Hire some help! If you’re hosting a holiday party, consider hiring
help with some or all of the prep and execution. You can easily hire help with
If you are short on time but long on holiday spirit, you can easily hire some help to get
your gathering in order so you can spend quality time with your guests.
*Cleaning your home prior to the event
*Party planning and decorating
*Grocery shopping (Most stores offer curbside pickup or delivery)
*Catering (if you prefer not to cook)
*Clean up post event

Sanity saving tip #2. Choose your guest list with intention. Some folks simply don’t mix
well. Some activities aren’t great for every type of guest. Save yourself headaches by
ensuring the party goers are perfect for mixing and mingling so your gatherings are
energetic and fun. Choose activities that your specific group of people will enjoy and be
eager to participate in.

Sanity saving tip #3. Don’t procrastinate. One of the biggest drains on a good time is
feeling pressure to perform. Failing to plan ahead and take care of tasks early can make
it hard to feel relaxed and calm before your gathering. Make lists, execute, and get
ready for your party in plenty of time to be able to enjoy your company and the season.

Sanity saving tip #4. Make clean up a breeze. Creating gatherings that clean up easily
can help end the night on a happy note. Have plenty of storage containers ready, use
disposable products for faster clean up and enlist helpers to make light work. Take the
time to clean up before you retire for the night to avoid waking up to a large and
overwhelming mess.

Hosting gatherings can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. If you’re not an old pro
at throwing great parties, these pro-tips will surely help you plan and execute your next
holiday gathering with less stress and no chance of losing your sanity.