Relationships Have Seasons- What Season Are You In?

May 7, 2024 | Mindset

Our lives move through seasons, so it makes sense that our relationships do too. Each time our lives and priorities shift, our relationships must follow along. Additionally, with each new season, some connections start to fade, become obsolete or unnecessary. This can be difficult and cause a heavy heart. Sometimes we feel guilty when we can’t or no longer want to maintain the same level of connection with others, especially if they don’t feel the same way.

It’s unreasonable to expect to maintain the same level of connection with people consistently over time. As you enter new seasons, your needs and preferences shift and your connections should shift accordingly.

What Season Is Your Life In?

What’s your primary life focus at this time? Your answer can help determine which connections take top priority. Let’s say you’re in the season of growing your career. This can mean your priorities include work-related connections more so than others. Placing an emphasis on career can mean other aspects of life must take a back seat. You may not have the time or energy for people and activities you once had.

Further down the line, your focus could shift from career to family or from career to retirement. With each season, your priorities change alongside your connections.

Focus on and Prioritize for the Season You are In

Having a clear understanding of the season of life you’re in can help you focus on what the top priorities are. Anything outside of those top priorities should become secondary and require less energy and resources. As with all seasons, they change over time and what once was a top priority may shift.

When your children are school-aged, your connections with their friend’s parents, school staff, or other ancillary people is generally a primary focus. As your children mature, the season comes to an end and your priorities no longer include soccer games, birthday parties, and help with homework. What once may have been consistent connections may fade away to infrequent or not at all.

What Connections Matter Most?

Some connections withstand time and circumstances. Family connections and deep connections with friends typically remain a top priority. Identifying which connections matter most- both long and short term, can help you stay focused on continuing, nurturing and growing the connections.

How you define which connections matter most is important. What value do you place on

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Community
  • Colleagues

Your answer helps narrow down the choices you’ll make to maintain connections.

Embrace the season you are in and know that it won’t last forever. Be ready to reprioritize your connections as each season comes and goes and that it’s natural for the status of your relationships to change.     

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