If you’ve weathered the storm of a toxic relationship, you likely need some help with
recovery. Part of the problem with toxic and destructive situations is they generally take
a toll on you before you either get enough gumption to leave or are forced out due to
difficult circumstances. If this is you, then you may need some special attention and
specific care to get back to the you that you were before things went south.
Recovery is the first step and prevention will keep you from falling into the traps
Recovery mode- Recovering from a toxic relationship – whether intimate, familial, or
work-related – is tough. Breathe! If you need outside help, consider getting counseling or
coaching to help you process and retrain your brain to function without dysfunction. You
may need a physical break from stress to recover and nourish your mind, body, and
spirit. Whatever you need, it is not selfish, and it is not too much to ask.
● Psychological fallout can include PTSD, aka Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Things may trigger your emotions for a while as you purge the toxic memories
from your body. If you allow the feelings to come forth and manage them, you
can expect to come out the other side better off.
● Physical fallout can include weight loss or weight gain. You may have
experienced emotional overload that resulted in poor eating choices – too much
or too little food or the wrong sorts of foods. This may have created a residual
issue that remains even after the toxicity is gone. Be kind to yourself and find a
way to recalibrate your physical health.
● Spiritual fallout can be an issue when recovering from toxic relationships. If
you’ve been the victim of gas lighting or other forms of verbal and emotional
abuse, you may wrestle with some faith issues. Find comfort in nature, the Bible,
or your favorite spiritual texts. Consult a clergy member or leader in your faith
community for healing and tips to move through your recovery.

Guard yourself against future toxicity- Once you’ve experienced the effects of a toxic
relationship, you have the unique advantage for the future. You have first-hand
knowledge and a clear understanding of what the red flags are. Be sure to press into
your knowledge base to guard against going around that mountain again.
Heal the wounds of the past. Do the work to get yourself healed from the effects your
suffered. Get to the heart of what happened and what you need to do differently when
faced with the same situation, should it come up again.