The holidays are a wondrous time of year filled with every imaginable delight for your
senses. Great tasting food, beautiful décor, soft and fuzzy sweaters, and music that
only comes around once a year. It’s no wonder people can’t wait for the holidays to
help them escape into a time of family, fun, and festivities.

While the idea of the holidays is always delightful, the realities can be quite
overwhelming. Juggling an already busy schedule with added activities during the
holidays can quickly take the wonder out of the season and replace it with stress.
What started out as Happy Holidays becomes surviving the holidays.

The holidays don’t stop for stressful life events either. Illnesses, injuries, or adjusting
to big changes don’t get put on hold during the holiday season. There are some years
that the holidays co-mingle with great loss or change. Finding a way to embrace the
season while dealing with setbacks can be tricky.

The holidays don’t have to wear you out. There are many things you can do to reduce
the stress and streamline your holidays. Believe it or not, you don’t have to recreate a
Hallmark Channel version of the holidays in order for them to be magical. It’s entirely
possible to decorate, host family, cook meals, entertain, and still enjoy the season. It’s
also entirely possible to celebrate the joy of the season while simultaneously
managing great loss.

Ultimately, the holidays may not look like anyone else’s, but that’s the point. What
makes your holidays happy may not look anything like what someone else is
experiencing. The key is to focus on your unique needs at the time and craft a holiday
that makes the most sense under your circumstances.

Letting go of guilt, expectations, and overwhelming yourself helps put the happy into
your holidays. Knowing what you can manage alongside everything else going on is
what helps you mean it when you say Happy Holidays to others.

This season, and every one after, should be a reflection of your life in the moment. If
you’re experiencing abundance with your finances, time, and energy, let the season
reflect it. If you are weathering a great storm, allow yourself to modify your holiday to
accommodate the needs you and your family have at the time.

There’s no reason to struggle during the holidays. The season is designed to give
pause for reflection and celebrate with family and friends. Keeping the focus on these
things allows for the holidays to remain manageable rather than overwhelming.