All businesses have problems. Getting to the root of the problem helps rectify things and
get them back on track. You don’t have to have a degree in mediation to solve business
problems, but it helps to have some important problem-solving skills. While there are
many skill sets that help solve problems, a few stand out and make things easier:
 Be a good communicator
 Be curious about problems
 Use teamwork
Individually, these skills help identify and solve problems. Using them together makes a
big difference in how fast and efficiently problems are solved.
Good Communication helps solve problems- Communication is key to any
relationship. It applies in business as well. Good communication is made up of simple
core concepts:
 Listen well
 Ask questions
 Clarify
 Repeat
Listening well includes active listening. This method ensures you are hearing what’s
being said before you make any assumptions. Asking open ended questions allows for
back-and-forth communication that enhances the information shared. Asking clarifying
questions makes sure what’s being said and heard is correct. Repeat the process until
there is resolution.
Curiosity helps solve problems- Being curious allows for different perspectives about
the same thing. Opening your mind to all the possibilities helps evaluate problems and
review them from multiple angles. If you allow for input, ideas, and thoughts about a
problem you are likely to see it more clearly through the different filters others have.
Allowing others to share their perspectives and solutions can help solve business
problems faster and easier.
Teamwork helps solve problems- Businesses are supported by teams. Even if you
are a solopreneur, you likely have a team that helps you out. Vendors and support staff
are considered part of the team… your customer base is too! Each member has a role
and they can be very helpful when it’s time to solve a problem. Getting curious and
asking questions helps capture valuable information that can make problem solving
more efficient.

Solving problems is part of everyday life. Solving problems in business isn’t that
different than typical problem solving. Having great communication skills helps. Asking
questions and being curious about what’s causing problems and crowdsourcing
potential solutions means you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. Use
your resources and work in a team to solve problems and keep your business moving