When it comes to crisis management it’s better to follow the Boy Scout motto and be
prepared. Doing what you can to prevent crisis entirely is worth the time and effort.
Waiting to cross that bridge when you get there can leave you unprepared to fight the
fire when the bridge goes up in flames.
Risk assessment and prevention can help you avoid crisis altogether in many cases.
There are key areas where businesses are at risk and taking a look at them can make a
huge difference. Areas where businesses tend to run great risk are:
 Legal
 Financial
 Relational
Prevent legal battles by assessing your risk- We live in a litigious world. Now more
than ever, businesses must fortify themselves against reasonable and unreasonable
legal action. There are certain precautions businesses take regularly to protect
themselves from legal issues. Precautions like:
 Having insurance
 Having certifications
 Creating policies and procedures
These can help prevent some legal issues, but they may not be enough. Consulting with
an attorney or other appropriate professional can help ensure you have covered your
bases before you face a legal battle.
Prevent financial battles by assessing your risk- Finances are tricky. Unless you
have a background in numbers, you may not be an expert in finance. What’s more,
being aware of the tax needs and implications of a business can be equally tricky. You
may be an expert in producing the goods and services you provide, but you may not be
an expert in making sure your business isn’t leaking money.
Consulting with a financial professional can help prevent surprises during tax time and
identify and rectify any problems you have with your assets and liabilities. Consultants
can help you make important financial decisions that will help you maximize your profit
and prevent unnecessary losses.
Prevent relational battles by assessing your risk- Whether your relationships are
with your employees, vendors, or customers, sometimes things get sticky. Not having

proper contracts, documentation, or agreements can lead to risk. Make sure you have
covered your bases when it comes to the fundamental relationships your business has.
You can consult HR specialists or find products online that can help you create and
maintain proper client records. It’s vital to make sure you’ve covered your bases in case
a relationship goes south and causes a crisis.
Most small business owners wait until something comes up to manage it. Sometimes
they have no clue that there is a hole in their safety net or they simply don’t fear a crisis
coming along. Either way, things happen. Prevention is worth the time and effort. Make
consulting legal, financial, and relational experts part of safeguarding your business.