There’s something remarkable about the new year. The promise of change and a clean
slate gets everyone excited about the possibilities. There’s no other time when people
are more focused and willing to make changes to enhance their lives. Gym
memberships soar and more storage containers are purchased at this time of year than
any other.

The promise of a new year brings the promise of a new you too. What could be better?
Everyone wants to do better, be better, and experience something better than the year
before. The thing is, it takes intention and effort to make that happen. A new year and a
new you is possible through reflection.

In the same way, you can create a new and better version of your holidays through
reflecting on your current season and asking yourself some simple questions.
Evaluating your holidays and looking for ways to make them better, more fun, and
exciting is a great use of your time.

What did you enjoy most about your holiday season?
Asking yourself what worked about the holidays helps you determine what you want to
continue doing next season. Did anything stand out in your mind as special. Perhaps
something unexpected like a special moment with your child or other family member.
Maybe you tried something new that really impacted your holiday in a positive way.
Being mindful of what you loved about the holiday can help you incorporate it into your
upcoming holidays in the future.

What flopped during your holiday season?
Chances are, something wasn’t ideal during the season. Perhaps you felt overwhelmed
or an activity you thought you’d love ended up being a waste of time. Being honest about
what missed the mark can help you modify your next holiday and cut it out of the lineup.
Check in with your family and see what activities and experiences they want to drop as
well. You might discover there’s plenty of room for improving your holidays next year.
What was missing from your holiday season?

Asking yourself if you had to do it over, what would you do differently or want to include
can help you make different choices. It may be that you’ve outgrown an activity or really
want to try something new and exciting. Asking yourself and your family what would
make next holiday season better can help you plan ahead and get excited about the next
holiday long before it gets here.

Reflecting on your holidays while they are fresh in your mind is an excellent way to
ensure your next holiday season is packed with the friends, family, and activities you
love most while leaving the things you don’t care about behind.