So I am a self-confessed homebody. Ok so not really! I have never traveled outside of the US.

We have friends who live in England and they asked us if we wanted to travel around Europe with them for 3-weeks. My first thought was YES….but…. My “but’s” were I can’t be gone for 3-weeks, I can’t fly on an airplane for that long and the biggest one (don’t judge here) I can’t put everything I need for 3 weeks in a carry-on. Yup I went there!

Well, we said yes and started planning. It took awhile to figure out the cities we wanted to go to and the attractions that were “must do’s on our list but we eventually did it. We decided to travel to England, France and Italy for 3-weeks!

I made the conscious decision to not research anything before we left. I didn’t read books about Europe, blog posts and I didn’t even tell anyone where we were going. I really did not want to go into this trip with any preconceived thoughts or ideas. I wanted my “virgin” trip to Europe to be mine. I wanted to form my own thoughts and opinions and I am so glad that I did!

So I over the next few months I will chronicle my  3-week European adventure. Complete with my thoughts, tips and inspiration. I hope you gain some insightful knowledge and enjoy!