Thanksgiving is usually all about the food. Large spreads of great dishes shared by
large groups of great friends and family. There’s not much better than a wonderful meal
shared with those you love. Since the day is set aside for feasting there’s also time for
fun. Thanksgiving is a great time to engage in activities that create lasting memories.
Create Thanksgiving traditions that last

There are lots of fun traditions that your family can engage in centered on Thanksgiving
fun. Consider some of these

Turkey trot– Many communities offer a fun run or family walk on Thanksgiving Day. This
can be a lively tradition to start the day off right with a healthy activity. These events ar
great for groups including dressing up or creating dynamic and friendly competition.
Generally, the events support local non-profits which adds to the benefit for the

Family meal prep– Some families designate certain meal prep to specific members of
the family, making it a tradition for them to prepare a specific food item. This can be a
fun activity and gives special ownership for the task. One person might be the official
potato peeler while another becomes the baker of pies. Assigning tasks makes meal
prep easier and a bit more special.
A unique spin on an old standard- Some families enjoy taking a unique spin on
tradition. Instead of baking the turkey, they fry it or forgo turkey altogether for
something fun like prime rib, lamb or ham. Taking an old favorite and making it unique to
your family creates lasting memories that stand out over time.

Living history– Thanksgiving is a great time for extended family to come together. As
family gets older, it’s important to preserve your family’s history and share the wisdom
of the ages. Use Thanksgiving as a time to share stories between generations. Have
children prepare questions for their older relatives and spend time listening to their
stories. This can create an amazing history for your family to remember through the

Shop ‘till you drop– Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Not only are the
deals amazing, the people watching can be equally fun. Some people enjoy the tradition
of braving the sales at midnight. If this is your thing, have fun with it and enjoy the chaos.
Thanksgiving is a great time to come together and enjoy one another’s company. Why
not make it more fun by engaging in purposeful activities that create lasting memories.

As the years go by, your family will appreciate the effort you took to bring them all
together and do fun things.