Everyone has multi-faceted lives. We are part of a family, a work environment, and the
community at large. We manage friendships and other relationships every day. Keeping
the peace and wanting to be seen as a team player might make it hard to be genuine.
After all, we’ve all been told if we don’t have something nice to say, we should consider
saying nothing at all. Being honest can seem like a difficult choice unless we are
already in agreement with others and support their opinions. Is it possible to be honest
no matter if you agree with someone or not?
Being honest is always the best policy. Being honest helps you stay in alignment with
your morals, your preferences, and your opinions. Being honest about how you feel or
what you believe can serve others. Sometimes people need an alternative opinion or
wisdom to help them make better decisions. Plus, you deserve to be in relationships
while being true to yourself.
Being honest isn’t about welding your opinions and thoughts on others- whether you
agree with them or not. There is more to being honest than sharing your opinions.
Honesty is simply your thoughts on a matter – your opinions, preferences, or
observations. It’s your truth, so-to-speak. What you do with your honesty and how you
share it makes all the difference.
Here’s why:
Being honest builds trust: Being honest and delivering that honesty in an appropriate
way builds up relationships. If the people in your life know that they can count on you to
be truthful with them, they will turn to you when they need guidance, an opinion, and
Being honest builds respect: We may not always like someone else’s opinion when it
differs from ours, but we can respect it. People who have the ability to be honest with
others, even when it might sting, earn respect because they aren’t fluffing anything.

Being honest encourages honesty: People who are honest and can be themselves
regardless of popular opinion create a sort of safety for others to be honest, too. Honest
people who aren’t influenced to blend their beliefs model that it is alright to have a
dissenting opinion and still be friends, family, or co-workers. Their confidence in their
honesty makes others feel like they should be, too.
Honesty is always the best policy. How it is shared is the key to being honest without
being cruel or rude. Learning to share truths without offense or excuses is an excellent
space to be in.