How To Revamp Your Brand

Dec 20, 2023 | Business

The first step to revamping your brand is to assess your current branding and target market. Adjusting your brand is a major project, so you don’t want to take it on unless you must!

Review your Ideal Customer Profile.

Start by reviewing your ideal customer profile (ICP). Is it up to date? Have there been any changes recently? If so, update your ICP, as this will give you the information you need to choose the right tone to communicate with your audience.

Research your target market.

See what your target audience is talking about online and what questions they’re asking. Keep track of conversations on social media and engage in those discussions where appropriate to get clarification.

Keep your ear to the ground.

Take a look at other content creators your ideal customers follow and make note of the tone these businesses use. At the same time, listen in on the conversations they’re having on social media with your same audience.

Assess your current brand voice.

Is the language you’re currently using still appropriate for your audience? After looking at your ICP and the content your customers consume, you can get a sense of whether it’s still suitable. Your language might be too formal or too serious. Or you might feel your tone is now too light and casual, and not authoritative enough.

Remember to adjust for scenarios.

When assessing your brand voice, keep in mind that it may change depending on the message you’re conveying. If you’re telling a serious personal story or giving advice on something important, you will speak in a more formal tone than you would if you were marketing a new product launch.

Stick to Your Core Values

Also keep in mind that your core values won’t change. What will change is the way you express these core values through your voice. Core values are important because they are often the reason why we buy from one company over another. We identify with the things they stand for and we feel good buying from them.

Think about the language you will use to take a stand on issues that are important to your customers. You’re looking to communicate these same core values in a way that resonates more with your ideal customer and how they have changed.

Be Authentic.

Authenticity is crucial when bringing your brand voice to life. Does your current tone and language reflect who you really are? Brands sometimes get off track, especially if they have multiple employees on the front lines of communication.

A good way to check for authenticity is to revisit your unique value proposition and your natural strengths. Does your brand voice complement your values or contradict them? Note examples of where your current brand voice is out of alignment with your values so you know what needs to change.

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