You can work on growing your confidence using many different routes. Some are more or less effective or work more quickly than others, but as long as you’re working on building one or more of the pillars that create authentic confidence, you’ll be sure to see some success.

The most effective methods for growing your confidence work on more than one pillar at a time. The more pillars you can target at once, the more reward you’ll get for your efforts, so if you’re trying to decide on a method, you should choose one that targets at least two pillars.

One of the more effective methods you can choose is striving to become better at something in your life. You can choose any skill you’d like to improve, whether a hard skill (performing a task) or a soft skill (such as meeting new people).

This method involves two of the pillars -wisdom and excellence. In order to improve whatever skill you choose, you will need to learn more about how to do it. This involves acquiring knowledge. You will also need to gain more experience working on it. Both of these are wisdom.

Working to improve your chosen skill is striving for excellence. This involves a second pillar. If you succeed, you’ll build on a third pillar, success. That means this method can potentially build three of the four pillars of authentic confidence!

It’s hard to find a more effective method to grow your confidence. Beyond that, your skills will improve. That’s an important aspect of self-improvement in and of itself.

The only downside of striving to be better to grow your confidence is that it’s not a quick method. It takes time. You’ll have to work on your chosen skills over a long period of time, perhaps even years, to improve them to the point of mastery. That means you’re going to have to exercise patience as you strive to become better.

You’ll start to see improvements in your confidence long before you master whatever it is you’re working on, of course. You can cut down on the time required by choosing a skill you’ve already been working on.

Finally, you can combine this method with others that yield faster results to help grow your confidence more quickly. Don’t abandon these long-term efforts for short-run improvement, however; if you want to grow your baseline confidence permanently, you need to invest in methods over the long haul.