If you want to succeed as a self-employed professional, it’s important to ditch the
employee mindset and embrace an entrepreneurial one instead. This involves making a
few changes in your approach to work, including being more proactive, taking
ownership of your success, and focusing on time management.
Here are six tips for ditching the employee mindset and embracing an
entrepreneurial one instead:
Be Proactive
One key difference between employees and entrepreneurs is that they tend to wait for
direction from their superiors, while entrepreneurs take charge of their work and make
things happen on their own terms. As a self-employed professional, you need to be
proactive in setting your own goals and determining how best to achieve them.
Take Ownership of Your Success
Another key difference between employees and entrepreneurs is that employees tend
to blame others when things don’t go as planned, while entrepreneurs take
responsibility for their own success or failure. As a self-employed professional, it’s
crucial to accept full ownership of your work and be accountable for the results you
Embrace Risk-Taking
While employees tend to be risk-averse, entrepreneurs are often more comfortable with
taking risks. Therefore, if you want to succeed as a self-employed professional, you
need to embrace risk-taking as part of your entrepreneurial mindset. This means being
willing to try new things and experiment without fear of failure or criticism.
Choose Your Own Times and Places of Work
As an employee, you are probably used to working set hours and on a set schedule. As
a self-employed professional, however, you get to choose your own times and places of
work. As a result, you can avail yourself of opportunities and manage your workflow in
the way that best suits you rather than following someone else’s schedule.
Prioritize Time Management Skills
Time management skills are also essential for self-employed professionals who want to
succeed. Whether it’s managing competing deadlines or juggling multiple projects at

once, having effective time management skills will help ensure that you remain on top of
your work and avoid getting overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done
Create Your Own Way of Working and Thinking
Finally, if you want to succeed as a self-employed professional, creating your own way
of working and thinking is essential. This means not just focusing on the technical skills
that can help you achieve success but also embracing your unique strengths and
talents. By staying true to yourself in everything you do, you will be better able to
navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve long-term success as a self-
employed professional.
Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset is key to success as a self-employed
professional. Whether you’re just beginning or have been working for years, taking
charge of your work, and making things happen on your own terms can help you
achieve tremendous professional success and personal fulfillment. If you’re ready to
ditch the employee mindset and embrace entrepreneurship instead, use these tips to
get started.