It isn’t too difficult to determine your love language hierarchy. You may have a
predominant language or a mixture of preferences. Taking the test at
5LoveLanguages.com will determine your ranking of love languages and I’m confident
you’ll nod your head in agreement with your score.
Becoming aware of someone else’s love language isn’t that difficult either. Knowing
someone else’s language has huge benefits for creating trust and building solid
relationships. Here are some tips to discover someone else’s love language and some
suggestions to act on it:
Ask Them Questions-
If you are new to the relationship, whether it be work or personal, asking questions can
give you direct information about a person’s love language. Ask questions such as,
“What is the best way to show you that I appreciate you?” or “What is the nicest way
that someone has ever showed you how much they care?” Listen to their feedback and
create your own version of the actions they mention.
Observe How They Love Others-
Generally, we express love in the same way we prefer to receive it. This is a fall back
since our ego assumes everyone likes what we like. Chances are the way someone is
showing you that they care is likely the way they want to be cared for. Pay attention to
the gestures they make towards you and reciprocate. If they warm up to you when you
do, you are on to their language and doing well. Keep it up!
Gather The Facts-
The more you notice about someone the better you can gauge their love language. Do
they gush about an activity that they experienced with someone? Do they ask you to do
things together? They are likely a quality time love language. Do you notice that they
keep mementos or proudly display gifts that they have received? They are undoubtedly
a receiving gifts love language.
Have them take the test-
The easiest way to determine someone’s love language is to have them take the easy
online test. Have a conversation and compare and contrast your findings and discuss
the ideal ways to express them to one another.
Knowing your own love language is a valuable tool to motivate others to fill your
emotional bank account. When you are able to determine how to pour into others you
will have the key that unlocks relationship success.