Humans are pack animals. Aside from being off the grid in the remote Arctic Outback, we are all in relationships. These relationships range from intimate to casual depending on the value we place on them. Being mindful can enhance all relationships and make them easier and more meaningful.

Relationships like:

  • Parent-Child
  • Husband-Wife
  • Siblings
  • Community

Your mindfulness can make each of these relationships better. By taking simple steps, you can maximize your relationships and make them healthier and easier to be in. Let’s take a look:

Parent-Child: The parent-child relationship morphs all the time. In infancy, the parent-child bond feels unbreakable. Over time as personalities emerge, it takes more effort to stay connected. Being mindful enhances the relationship by focusing intently on what matters most.

Pro tip: Realize your child is not an extension of you. As they grow, they develop a unique personality that may be similar to one of their parents or not. View your child through a crystal-clear filter that allows them to explore their own interests and develop their individual personality. Support them by showing interest in what matters to them.

Husband-Wife: The husband-wife relationship has every possibility in the world to be rock solid and tight or every chance to disintegrate and become underwhelming.
Mindfulness guards against losing touch or growing apart. Being in tune to your spouse and cultivating your marriage is a high-form of mindfulness.

Pro tip: Learn your spouse’s love language. This is one of five distinct ways your spouse gives and receives love. Being able to pour into your spouse in a way that truly matters to them is an excellent form of mindfulness.

Siblings: Siblings are a unique relationship. There are many who are well-connected and remain close throughout life while others drift and become disconnected.
Fragmented families are a North American tragedy that can be avoided by being mindful in maintaining your sibling relationships.

Pro tip: Make a sibling vacation an annual event. Do the things that are unique to your family and make space to keep the bond strong and alive. No spouses, no kids – just the siblings doing the things that remind them of where they come from and the importance of family bonds.

Community: We bounce against people all day long in our community. From the receptionist at the dentist’s office to the clerk at the grocery store, we are in the community every time we make a transaction. Being mindful of each person you encounter can make an important impact in both of your lives.

Pro tip: Look people in the eye. As we move through the day, busy and overwhelmed, it is easy to make transactions quickly with little personal engagement. Make a point to look everyone you meet in the eye. This shows confidence and interest in others, which oftentimes wins friends and influences others. Your mindfulness can make an impact everywhere. From inside your home to inside the doctor’s office and everywhere in between. Be mindful and aware and watch your happiness quotient rise as you gain favor with your intent.