On a recent family road trip to Franklin, TN we discovered this gem of a restaurant in Waverly, AL which is just outside of Auburn, AL. 

The Waverly Local. OMG how ADORABLE.

I felt like I stepped back in time. From the stately looking “vintage” homes to the one road running through the middle of the town and the tiny post office. It took me back to a simpler time of my growing up on a farm in Minnesota and oh how I wanted to grow up in the south. 

The food was amazing. We first started out with the Fried Okra (I was not a fan of okra until now) so good. We then had the pimento cheese on fry bread….not the south without pimento cheese and this was exceptional. 

For my main course I had the caramelized mushroom pasta. It was all bit of cheesy warm and delicious. I added chicken to add a little protein and the wilted greens made me feel a little healthier. The rest of my family had the burger which was delectable and the fish which happened to be red fish paired with a risotto. So if you are ever in the area this is a MUST try. The food, atmosphere and charm was simply amazing!