Helping Others Be Honest with You

Oct 27, 2023 | Mindset

Living a lifestyle of honesty creates a sense of satisfaction and confidence. Refusing to deny how you feel about situations helps you live in connection with your morals and values. Being in tune with your feelings helps you be more confident and someone others trust and look to in difficult times. Modeling honesty that is laced with kindness and consistency builds trust and respect.

One of the key ways to foster honesty is by helping others be honest with you. Encouraging others to share their opinions and giving and receiving feedback builds reciprocating relationships. You can help others be more honest with you by taking these simple steps:

  • Ask Others for Input
  • Don’t be Defensive
  • Practice Being Honest

Step #1. Ask Others for Their Input- To the extent it is appropriate, ask others for their input when you are making decisions. Asking for input and considering the wisdom of others is a great way to encourage honesty. The key to soliciting input is tied to how you react. When someone offers their ideas, opinions, or thoughts, thank them for their information and let them know you see the value in it.

Step #2. Don’t be Defensive- Some people don’t know how to convey their thoughts very well. Sometimes honesty stings. Do what you can to avoid being defensive when someone offers a dose of painful honesty. Do your best to see a positive reason why they are sharing their truth with you. If what they are saying is painful . . . but true . . . consider taking a hard look at the information.

Step #3. Practice Being Honest- Encouraging others to be honest with you is as important as being honest with others. When you practice honesty – delivered in kind and gentle ways – it builds others up. Asking for their honesty in return gets easier, and before long, those you are in a relationship with can be their most authentic selves. Helping others be more honest with you is all about modeling.

  • You’re open to their honesty.
  • You won’t overreact to their honesty.
  •  You will be honest with them too.

These simple steps make it easier to be honest and to receive honesty with ease. The more approachable you are, the more people will feel comfortable in your presence and look to you when they need wise counsel. Being honest and receiving honest feedback is a building block for the highest functioning relationships.

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