Christmas creates a sense of excitement and wonder that energizes people of all ages.
Knowing your family and friends are ready and willing to celebrate with you makes
things even better. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on how much you have to be thankful
for and ways you can give back to those who routinely make your world better.
When it comes to giving, we often think of friends and family and put them at the top of
our list. While it’s important and fun to give to those we know and see the most, there
are some people who you may want to recognize that aren’t top of mind when you make
your list.

There are people in your life who make it special year-round. These people quietly do
their work and you may never give them a second thought. Thinking of them and giving
back could make their Christmas merrier and brighter. Consider these folks when giving
back this season

Letter carriers– Your letter carriers, delivery people, and other service providers are
part of your everyday life. Through all types of weather and with heavy responsibility
they deliver your mail and packages all year long. Consider giving them a thank you for
their dedication.

Garbage services– It’s a messy job but someone’s gotta do it. What would you do if
you couldn’t rely on your garbage man…or woman…to pick up your trash and take it
away? Consider thanking them for doing a messy job most people want to avoid.
Yard maintenance- If you have help keeping your yard pristine, it’s important to say
thank you. Many workers make low wages and they could really benefit from your
generosity during the holidays. Remember to say thank you when you see them during
the holiday months.

School employees– Everyone thinks of teachers when it comes to the holidays, but
what about the bus driver, lunch ladies, and custodians? It takes a village to help kids
become their best. Consider finding a way to say thank you to the forgotten staff at your
child’s school.

Giving back is a wonderful way to express the truest sentiments of the season. You
don’t have to spend a lot of money to say thank you. A card or small tip can go a long
way towards showing someone how much you care and that their hard work is being
noticed. Find ways to show your gratitude and give back to make someone’s holiday
merry and bright.