When’s the last time you updated your look? Sometimes feeling blah and
underwhelmed has a lot to do with how we feel about our appearance or our homes.
Neither how we look or how we decorate is meant to be one and done. Trends change,
our tastes morph, and sometimes we just need a makeover.
If you’re feeling blah about life, take a look in the mirror and around your home and see
what you think. Do you need to update your closet? Want to change your hair? How’s
the paint color on your living room walls? If any of this spark excitement, it could be an
encouragement to make things over. Here are some fun ideas for a updating your look.
Use resources like Pinterest to create mood boards or get ideas- Pinterest is a
great way to get inspired and collect visual ideas of what you might like to change in
your home or about your appearance. Create various boards that highlight the changes
you want to make.
Schedule a spa day- It’s refreshing to pamper yourself. Schedule an entire day at the
spa to create a new you. From a new hairstyle, mani-pedi, and facial…even for
men…these treats can help you beat the blahs and renew your self-image.
Wander the isles- If you are inspired to makeover your home, get out and wander the
isles of your favorite décor stores. See what’s new in-home furnishings and home décor
and start to dream about what changes you want to make.
Out with the old- Host a yard sale and get rid of items that don’t fit your current style.
From clothing, furniture, and household items, it can feel great to purge and make room
for the new things you’ll acquire during your makeover.
Plan a celebration- Nothing motivates a makeover more than an important event.
Schedule family pictures or a party at your home to get you motivated to make changes.
Knowing you have something to celebrate or get ready for will help you stay on task
with making things over and getting ready for the fun.
Beating the blahs is easy when you embrace a makeover. From your home to your hair,
there are many ways to update your looks and get excited about what you look like and
where you live. Pamper yourself and give yourself and your home the makeover you