Prepare your pet to dress to impress with stunning new spring fashions. You’ve seen the latest trends hit the runway, and you can bet that pets have caught on to these looks as well! Expect to see floral prints this season, and for color not to be limited to the traditional springtime pastel palette. 

One of my favorites that I have purchased for Pebbles (our adorable toy poodle) is a this adorable pink tutu dress it is so very very cute. 

But remember, balance all that color with muted hues and neutrals. Neon colors don’t go with everything! 

Accessorize with a flashy collar or harness (Pebbles needs a harness because she is so little and we have to protect her little neck). I love this pink one we purchased for Pebbles because it has bling. Look tres’ chic  whether you are heading to the dog run or the catwalk.