Wanting to leave a toxic situation is the easiest part. Knowing how and taking the steps
is the hardest. Many people stay in bad situations for too long and end up succumbing
to secondary issues as a result. Things like:
● Alcoholism
● Obesity
● Depression
● Apathy
Before a toxic situation becomes out of hand, getting out is the best course of action –
but how?
Here are five tips for leaving a toxic situation and maintaining your sanity along the way:
Tell someone- Telling someone that you need to leave a bad situation can free up
some of the anxiety that comes from the worry associated with the situation. No longer
suffering in silence is a good way to make change. From leaving a bad relationship to
exiting a toxic career, telling someone will make a difference.
Prepare yourself mentally- People tend to stay in toxic situations far too long. In doing
so, the feelings and behaviors that come with the toxicity start to feel normal and
familiar. Leaving may feel harder than staying – even though it’s the best thing to do.
Prepare yourself mentally for the reality that leaving will be hard, but staying will be
lethal for your spirit.
Get counseling, coaching, or mentoring- Making a big change in your relationships
can be overwhelming. You may need the expertise and support of a trained
professional. Consult someone or work together with someone who can give you sound
advice to make a clean break.
Don’t fairy tale the situation- Leaving is often easier than being gone. Once a break
happens, the impact can diminish, and you may start to forget how intense things were.
This can cause you to regret or rethink your position. Don’t fairy tale the significance that
a toxic situation has once you have removed yourself from harm’s way.

Take a break- Recovering from toxic relationships is important. Do what you need to do
for self-care and healing. From counseling, to taking a vacation to clear your head, do
what you need to do to refresh, regroup, and re-calibrate.
Breaking free from toxic relationships and situations is not for the faint of heart. These
tips are a solid way to gear up and act and make the changes that are needed to live a
healthy life. You don’t have to suffer, you don’t have to diminish yourself, and you don’t
have to stay when the right thing to do is go.