As a Neurodivergent entrepreneur, networking is crucial in forging valuable relationships
and advancing your career. However, building an effective network requires planning,
patience, and the ability to foster meaningful connections with people you meet. Like
most neurodivergent entrepreneurs, you may find the process intimidating and
overwhelming. But with a few simple steps, building an effective network is not only
accessible, but it’s also rewarding.

Here are five steps to help you build a solid and successful network as a Neurodivergent entrepreneur.

Step 1: Set Goals for Your Networking Efforts
The first step in building an effective network as a Neurodivergent entrepreneur is to
define your goals. Next, think about what you want to accomplish by networking –
finding mentors, developing relationships with potential customers or partners, or simply
gaining knowledge from people in your industry – and set achievable goals related to
those objectives. This focuses you on the most essential aspects of networking that
benefit your business.

Step 2: Build Your Online Presence
Since much of our daily interactions are conducted online, having an active and
engaging presence is essential. Create a website or blog, join relevant social media
networks, and start participating in industry-related conversations. This will help you
build visibility and credibility quickly, plus you’ll get to connect with people in your space
who are interested in the same things as you.

Step 3: Participate in Industry Events
Attending events related to your business is an effective way to introduce yourself to
new contacts and expand your network. Don’t forget to research the event beforehand
to know who is attending, what topics will be discussed, and to best contribute. When at
the event, give yourself time to talk with everyone – from keynote speakers to those at
your table.

Step 4: Ask for Introductions
Introductions from other people in your network are a powerful tool to reach new
contacts and open the door for further conversations. Ask those you’ve already connected with if they know anyone who might be helpful to your business or seek
introductions from industry influencers and thought leaders.

Step 5: Follow Up After Networking Events
The key to building a successful network as a Neurodivergent entrepreneur is
consistency. Don’t just attend an event. Forget about it and move on. Instead, take the
time to follow up with those you met afterward, send them emails, connect with them on
social media networks, or ask them to grab coffee or lunch. This will help you build
relationships with the people in your network and ensure that those connections remain
strong over time.

Building an effective network as a Neurodivergent entrepreneur initially seems
intimidating, but following these five steps creates meaningful relationships with others
in your industry. In addition, you’ll gain information, resources, and contacts essential to
advancing your business revenue and career through networking.