Life can get boring when you’re isolated. Finding community can help beat the blahs
and give you something to be excited about. If you’ve been feeling underwhelmed and
bored, finding a new community to plug into can make all the difference because there
are great benefits to being in a community. Check this out—
Benefits of joining a community:
 Like-minded people rev up your energy
 Having things to do keeps you busy
 Community gives you an outlet
 Community creates variety
Creating community with likeminded people can be exciting- Whether you join a
group that has a common hobby, participate in a group that does a common activity, or
has a common goal, being a part of a community of likeminded people can be exciting.
Having something in common with others revs up your energy and gives you something
to connect over and get excited about.
Being busy helps avoid boredom- Being in a community can keep your social
calendar full. If you’ve been bored, this can really shake things up and keep your from
feeling blah. Generally, groups offer a wide variety of activities that can make your day
full and give you something to look forward to.
Participating in activities is a great outlet- Being a part of a community is a great way
to express yourself or engage in something you believe in or love. If there’s a cause you
are passionate about, there’s likely a community that is waiting for you to help. If you
love fitness or hiking, there are groups that focus on working out or walking trails.
Joining a community is a perfect outlet for your self-care and self-expression.
Joining a variety of communities can be fun- You don’t have to limit yourself to one
community. There are plenty of ways to plug into community and join the fun. If you
have a wide range of interest, it will surely beat the blahs when you find a community
that enjoys the same things.
Being a part of a community can shake things up and make life more fun. There are all
sorts of communities to be a part of. You can find groups on social media, or on the web
at places like meetup.com. Take the time to find a community that is engaging in things
you love. Join up and beat the blahs while you build community.