One of the quickest ways to feel frazzled is to be overwhelmed by finances. Money, in and of itself, isn’t anything more than a means to an end. However, when your finances are cluttered and chaotic, it can feel like an overwhelming avalanche of debt and fear. No one wants to live that way. You were meant for more than that!

Financial overwhelm can come from many places:

  • Being in debt
  • Failure to understand budgeting
  • Being fired or laid off
  • An unexpected repair or illness
  • And more!

No matter what the reason for financial strain, the pain is the same – fear, anxiety, and a feeling of failure. None of which are motivators to get things back on track. You may need help to go from frazzled to freedom, and that’s ok.

Most people aren’t taught the practical aspects of finance. Some high school and college elective courses help explain the basics, but most people learn about finances
through trial and error. Lots of error. If you are in financial overwhelm, there are things you can do to help sort things out and alleviate the stress and worry. Try these tips to get yourself on track and working towards financial freedom:

Tip #1: See a counselor. If you are suffering from financial stress, it is likely a lot less about money and more about the internal struggles surrounding your finances. Start by seeing a counselor and working on the emotional issues attached to your financial stress. You can work on your mindset and your finances at the same time.

Tip #2: Learn about money. You can’t fix what you don’t understand. Learning about the marketplace and how your finances work can help you get a hold of the situation and climb out of debt. Learn how interest rates work, what your debt is, and the best way to pay it off.

Tip #3: Get on the same page. Most people are not in debt alone. They find themselves overwhelmed and under-funded because of choices and lack of communication. If you are mingling your finances with someone else, you must get on the same page in order to manage your finances well.

Financial overwhelm isn’t new. More people than you may realize live with the stress and fears that come from poorly managed finances. There’s plenty you can do about it and before long, you will have moved from frazzled to free and from chaos to control.