From the beginning of time (or at least that I can remember) I have always had dry, cracked heels. Even after getting a pedicure they would be even worse because they would basically have to use the cheese grater to get them presentable (ugh) and then this brought on the bleeding and sore heels, sometimes so bad I could hardly walk. 

I have tried every cream known to mankind and I mean everything. I even tried using Vicks Vapor Rub on the as I heard this worked. Nothing, NADA! Nothing worked. Until now!

I discovered Gold Bond Overnight cream. It promised to not leave a greasy residue on your sheets or clothes. Of course I was skeptic nothing had ever worked before and most of the “stuff” I used was greasy and just plain nasty!

I was TOTALLY amazed. This “stuff” actually works. I am here to tell you it really does work. I tried it the first night and it really did not make my clothes or sheets greasy and it soaks right in. I woke up the next morning to much smoother skin. The best thing is that it continued working throughout the day. I applied again the next next and even smoother the next morning! I think I have found a miracle for cracked heels. Here is the link to miraculously smooth heels https://amzn.to/3c8WPVI