Every business faces a crisis moment. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Crisis
isn’t always brought on by poor behavior. Crisis can come in many forms:
 Weather can cause a crisis
 Personal issues can cause a crisis
 The market can cause a crisis
 Resources can cause a crisis
 And much more!
Luckily, there are some things you can insure against:
 Losses
 Liabilities
 Fraud
 Personal injury or death
But some things you can’t insure against, which can leave you vulnerable and panic-
stricken, if and when they happen. Taking precautions and thinking ahead can help
reduce the impact of a crisis and help problem solve when things go wrong.
Assess your risk for crisis
Taking a good look at your business and assessing where you are at risk can help you
prepare for and manage a crisis if it happens. Identifying areas where you may be
vulnerable helps bring them to the front of your mind so you can take action to prevent
problems before they start.
You may be unaware of what risks you are taking. A good risk management tool can
help you identify risks and find solutions to protect yourself and your business. You can
find risk management tools online or consult with a risk management company for

Take appropriate action where necessary
Your assessment might indicate you need to back up your computer data or you may
need to consult an attorney for things like trademarks. You might benefit from creating a
policy and procedure manual or seek to purchase special insurance policies.

Taking appropriate action to tie up loose ends can help save you time, money, stress
and may even prevent a crisis altogether. Taking the right action can reduce risk or
eliminate it entirely.
Some risks are inevitable
Despite your best actions, some risks are inevitable. You can’t prevent every sort of
crisis and you can’t predict all the ways something might happen. Being prepared to
face a crisis head on helps. Getting the right mindset that you can face anything if it
comes your way helps you mentally prep for crisis mode.
Some risk is inevitable, but you can prevent as much as possible. All businesses face
problems and crisis, but it doesn’t have to be devastating. With proper planning and
sound problem-solving skills, you can mitigate crisis and set your business up with a
solid defense.