Today we welcome back into the studio Mimy Von Schreiner. She is our local manner aficionado and in time for the holidays, Mimy is going to keep us in line this holiday season. 

• OK holiday season is upon us and that means family and friends in town. Holiday parties for work etc. etc. and that means lots of etiquette  

• Leftovers: Do I give them back to everyone who brought a particular dish if it does not all get eaten? 

• One my friends asked to borrow a dress for a party. I felt guilty and I said yes and now I regret it. I am worried it can get ruined. Can I change my mind, or do I need to stick to my original decision? I’m dreading the conversation.

• No matter what I give my friend she always tells me I should not have purchased a gift for her. It is like a “Christmas beat down!” Any advice?