Day 27 – 30 Days of Positive Life-Enhancing Habits Challenge

One habit you want to incorporate into your life is cultivating relationships with others in your extended family and extended friend network. This is one of the hardest aspects to understand about relationship building, but it takes time. You can’t just call on someone once a year or less and expect big results.

If you want to have people around who can help (and that you can help), you must keep a relationship with them on an ongoing basis for the long term. Since time goes by so fast, the only way to do this is to automate it by setting up your schedule to accommodate enjoying a meal with someone in this category once a week.

I’m sure you can understand why this is important once you think of it. It’s easy for people to get disconnected from their extended community once they are working and have children. If you set up a plan to stay connected, even if you must do it less than weekly, it will pay off. Keep reading to find out how.

One thing that is very important for your long-term happiness, even if you’re the biggest introvert alive, is the strength of your relationships within your family and your connection to the world at large. Study after study shows that maintaining a connection to others regularly is essential for health and happiness and is directly correlated with longevity.

A favored way to stay connected to someone is through sharing a meal. Everyone has to eat, and eating is an emotional experience for human beings. When you share an emotional experience with other humans, it connects you. This is probably why we’ve invented so many food-related holidays and even associate funerals with food.

Along with other positive ways to connect like phone calls, emails, and text messages – enjoying a regular meal with those who are important in your life, or those you desire to be important in your life, will make a huge difference in how connected you feel to them and how connected they feel to you.

If one of your long-term life goals is to have strong, loving, and powerful relationships, you know that focusing on the long term is the most effective way to impact this part of your life as it’s what you do over time that impacts today, and what you do today that impacts tomorrow. How your relationships feel about you will be about combining the last memorable connections weighted toward the last time you were together.

Since you understand this and want to start now forming daily habits that change your life and set you up for success, start setting aside one day a week, at a minimum, for enjoying a meal with someone in your extended family or to share a meal with someone outside of your family.

One week it might be that you enjoy lunch with Aunt Alice, and the next week it might be drinks and wings with a business connection – it’s okay to mix it up as long as you make it a habit to clear your schedule to enjoy a meal with someone outside your immediate family on a weekly basis.

This one addition to your calendar and act will keep you connected to the world at large and expose you to new ideas and thoughts, as well as solidify a deeper connection to those you choose to meet again and again. Plus, it may even push you out of your comfort zone and allow you space to discover new things and interests.