Do you have a personal style? Do the terms Boho, Preppy, Edgy, or Chic mean anything to you? If I looked in your closet or around your home, would I get a clear idea of your style? Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking. Style is your outward expression of your inner self. From wearing leopard prints to having a signature haircut, style indicates who you are, what you love, and your self-confidence.

There are three factors that get in the way of personal style:

  • Insecurity
  • Income
  • Influences

Insecurity- This kills style before it has a chance to come out. Insecurity looks to others for validation which usually leads to following someone else like sheep. Insecurity holds people back when someone makes an off comment or doesn’t embrace what they love. Insecurity lacks the inner worth that it takes to love what you love – no matter what anyone else thinks
Income- Income can be a barrier to style. Sometimes a beer budget busts champagne taste. Depending on your level of creativeness, you may think that you can’t express your style until you can afford the bells and whistles that go with it. Think again. From decorating on a dime to drug store dupes of the hottest products, there is always a way to reflect your style – no matter your budget.
Influences- All the crabs in the pot drag down the one crab trying to get away. That’s a real thing – look it up. Sometimes the very things you want to express as your personal style aren’t what those in your closest circles prefer. They may try to influence you or dissuade you from expressing yourself. This combines with your insecurity and alerts you to how self-assured you are – or aren’t. If you love a style, embrace it and let the others have their opinions with zero influence on you.

If you aren’t sure what your style is, spend time on a platform like Pinterest. Start some boards that have titles like My Decorating Style, My Clothing Style, My Personal Style and start saving images that you love. Over time, you should see a pattern emerge. Dive deeper into the things you are saving and see if they have a stylized name. Then Google that name and see what comes up. Pick an icon whom you want to emulate and study their style. You can imitate their look until you are more comfortable on your own. Having a personal style helps say who you are without speaking a word. It is a wonderful way to proceed yourself and express who you are and what you love. From your home aesthetic to your hair and clothing, you will feel confident and excited about life when you are able to express who you truly are.