Mean people Suck. That’s been a bumper sticker for years now. It’s true though, mean
people steal the joy from the holidays. Sadly, sometimes you can’t avoid Grinches
during Christmastime. From rude shoppers and clerks to unhappy family members,
there are a lot of people out there trying to steal your Christmas spirit.

Dealing with difficult people can be hard. You aren’t responsible for their happiness, but
their lack of it sure can dampen yours. How do you manage all the Grinches at
Christmas? Here’s some examples of typical holiday Grinches and how you can handle

Grinch #1- The rude clerk. Shopping is a common Christmastime activity and it’s sadly
common to encounter rude staff. The best way to handle disgruntled staff is to offer
kindness no matter what. The facts are, retail staff face a lot of stress during the
season. Like you, they are trying to cobble together their own holiday…while working in
low-paying jobs with difficult people. Just because you are kind, doesn’t mean the
majority of shoppers are. Try to match their negativity with positive kindness. You may
be the one to brighten their day and make a difference for them.

Grinch #2. The grumpy relative. We all have those relatives who feel put out and
bothered by the holidays. Their hyper focus on what’s wrong with the world leaks out
during the holiday meal. It can be hard to listen to when you want to gush about positive
things. In the same way the store clerk is struggling, so are your relatives. It’s important
to realize you aren’t responsible for their happiness, but you are responsible for how
you let their unhappiness affect you. Practice not taking things personally and ignoring
undesirable behavior. Praise and engage your family when they are kind and ignore their

Grinch #3. The Grinchy colleague. Whether you work in a traditional 9-5 or for yourself,
there are bound to be colleagues who make it hard to enjoy the season. Don’t allow their
negativity to affect or infect you. Your consistent positivity might rub them the wrong
way, but it also might polish off their rough edges and model a better way to think and
behave. Keep your holiday spirit and do something nice to help them feel happy. Your
gesture can lift their spirits and their mood which will benefit you in the end.

There are plenty of Grinches out there all year round. By keeping your cool and
modeling positive behavior you can win them over and help everyone experience a
happier holiday.