Day 20 – 30 Days of Positive Life-Enhancing Habits Challenge

One of the most unconscious things you probably do each day besides breathe is sitting, standing, and so forth. The truth is one of the biggest complaints in the medical world is back pain.

More people miss work and experience a downgraded life due to back pain than almost anything else. Thankfully, if you start now, back pain is mostly preventable. Keeping your posture correct and minding it when you do repetitive things is going to pay off for you big time.

If you start caring about this one thing now, in 20 years, it will certainly pay off.

Sometimes it’s truly mind-blowing how something that seems on the surface not to matter at all is really life changing. If you want to be healthy long-term, paying close attention to the actions you take every day will make a difference, like drinking plenty of water, exercising, eating right, and so forth are all important, but if you don’t mind your posture, you could end up suffering more than you think.

Proper posture can help reduce lower back pain, headaches, neck, and shoulder tension, wear and tear on your joints, increased lung capacity, better circulation, better digestion, and more energy, all benefits of checking and correcting your posture.

Get Expert Advice
If you have any type of body pain, it’s important to find out from a physical therapist or a personal trainer the best way to hold your posture living the life you live. You can also find professionals talking about posture and proper posture on YouTube. Just make sure you follow someone who really knows what they’re doing and saying.

Buy a Good Bed
Don’t skimp on buying the right bed for your needs. Spending money investing in a good bed with a long warranty designed for your type of sleeping and your personal needs will be one of the main things that help you sleep well and live a mostly pain-free life.

Invest In the Right Furniture
Like your bed is important for your posture, so is the furniture you buy and use for pleasure and work. Each person has different needs, as someone with lower back pain will need a firm surface and perhaps specialized seating. In contrast, someone without issues now will simply need to buy high-quality ergonomic and comfortable items.

Invest In Your Workspace
Like you invest in the comfort of your home, don’t forget any areas you work in. It’s not good for you to work in your bed with poor posture. Instead, set up your workspace so that it’s good for long-term use and avoids pressure or repetitive injury.

Make a list showing items that you need to purchase or replace to ensure that you have a comfortable home and work environment that isn’t just attractive but also good for your posture. You won’t regret it. Then each day, when you first get up, do a few posture-affirming stretches so that you can become more mindful of your posture the rest of the day.