Day 14 – 30 Days of Positive Life-Enhancing Habits Challenge

Like watching your caloric intake, watching how hydrated you are will also enhance your health substantially today, but it will build on itself and improve your health later too. By incorporating this one habit into your daily life, you can automatically become healthier.

While the average American consumes about 22 percent of their calories in the beverages they drink, over 75 percent of Americans also walk around chronically dehydrated. Problems like fatigue, foggy memory, irritability, and more like slow metabolism are associated with chronic dehydration that you can fix simply by incorporating the daily habit of drinking enough water.

  • Stop Drinking Other Beverages –To start drinking more water, you’ll want to stop drinking any other beverage but water for the time being. You’ll also want to measure out the amount of water you want to drink each day so that you can see it visually and space out your consumption throughout the entire day.
  • Know-How Much Water You Need – Everyone is slightly different regarding their hydration needs. If you eat a low carbohydrate diet versus a high carbohydrate diet, you may need more water or less water, depending on your diet. Start with the recommended daily amount for average-weight men at 125 ounces and 90 ounces for average-weight women, and work your way up or down depending on how you feel.
  • Set Your Goals – Once you know how much you’re going to drink each day, set the goal and be very specific about how you’re going to do it. A lot of people find success is to start the morning with 8 to 32 ounces of water before consuming anything else. Try adding a squeeze of lemon to make it special.
  • Keep Water with You at All Times – Don’t underestimate how lazy you’re going to be about this. Invest in an eco-friendly, refillable water bottle. Keep the bottle with you full and ready to drink at all times, whether you’re in your office, in the car, or on the sofa.
  • Take Advantage of Triggers – If you normally drink another beverage when reading a book, checking your email, or enjoying a movie, make your water just as special. Buy good-tasting water and beautiful glasses and experiment with fruit-infused ice to make it feel special.
  • Drink One Glass Before Eating – For each meal and snack you’re going to have during the day, give yourself enough time to enjoy one glass of water thirty minutes before the meal or snack. Drink less during your meals and more between your meal to improve digestion. This will create a ritual with the water, which is easier for you to remember and habituate.

When you drink enough water every day, you’re going to notice that your skin texture improves, your eyes become clearer, and your brain fog disappears. Not only that, some people have even suggested they experience less body pain. It’s a wonder more people aren’t working towards this daily goal since it helps with so many issues.