Day 8 – 30 Days of Positive Life-Enhancing Habits Challenge

There is no changing the fact that part of us work in very sedentary environments with much of the day spent at a desk. The problem is that this can literally kill you. The best way to avoid problems associated with being sedentary is to develop the habit of getting up at least once every thirty minutes. This blog talks about how to do this and why you will want to:

The smallest action, when done regularly, can make all the difference. If your life or job is sedentary, you can improve your health substantially simply by adding just one thing to your day. Add movement every 30 minutes and do it by making it a habit.

This micro habit of movement can make all the difference in your chances of developing cancer or having circulatory issues like blood clots, and even improve your mental health – and all you have to do is stand up, get up, and stretch your legs once every 30 minutes.

No special equipment or clothing is needed. Just get up and stretch and then sit back down and continue working. This habit will improve your circulation, help you maintain your weight, cut down on anxiety, and make you feel more awake and productive all day long.

To lesson your chances of blood clots or other cardiovascular issues:

  • Take a break to stand up every 30 minutes – All you have to do is stand up, stretch for a few seconds, and then sit back down—no need to go on a stroll or anything like that. Just get up, stretch, and sit back down every 30 minutes. Set up a reminder to get up and move.
  • Stand and move while watching Television, YouTube, or Movies – Instead of sitting to start with, don’t sit. Stand up and get moving while you watch your favorite shows. You can stand up and march in place while watching just as easily as you can lay down and watch.
  • Work at a standing desk – Invest in a sit and standing so that you can either sit or stand during different periods of activity. The change will really help you avoid problems.
  • Use a desk treadmill – One way to beat the system entirely is to invest in a desk treadmill that fits under your desk so that you can keep moving as you work. Peddling away while you work at your desk in a sitting position will help a lot.
  • Start fidgeting – If you really cannot get up and sit back down due to work policy or flow, start learning to wriggle while working. Fidgeting by moving your legs back and forth can keep the blood flowing, so you’re less likely to develop a blood clot from being sedentary.

Even if you are a person who exercises every day, if you don’t get up every 30 minutes or so when sitting, you could be putting yourself at greater risk of poor health outcomes. According to studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, sitting even 90 minutes at one stretch without moving could be detrimental to your health even if you regularly exercise.