Day 28 – 30 Days of Positive Life-Enhancing Habits Challenge

The healthiest and most resourceful people on the planet are not afraid to ask for help.

We all want to be resourceful and earn a good living, but we aren’t all born with that mindset.

When a resourceful people don’t have time for something or does not want to do something, they don’t do it anyway – they do not suck it up and power through – instead, they find someone else to do it, or they pay for a short cut of some sort.

They either delegate to someone in their family for free or hire someone outside or even inside the family. This blog post talks about how you can start asking for and getting help to free up your time for other things.

Emulating what wealthy folks do isn’t always best for people who want to live a principled and moral life. However, you can learn how to give yourself an advantage by studying what wealthy people do differently. When morality and reality collide, it’s a sign that the habit is one that you need to incorporate into your daily life.

One super clear thing is that wealthy people are not afraid to ask for help. Of course, many resourceful people do not even realize how much support they get, but let’s think about this and then let’s find ways to cultivate the habit of asking for help in your life that is both moral and enriching.

Do Not Trade Hours for Dollars

While most people you hire will often provide an hourly rate, when you get paid for something, don’t charge by the hour. Instead, figure out what the value of the service is to the recipient and charge what the market will allow. A lot goes into being able to offer the service such as education, experience, connections, and so forth that differentiates you from the next person.

Perception, time, education, experience (and so forth) is the reason someone like Bill Gates can command a year’s average salary for a short speech, or a surgeon can charge six figures for an 8-hour procedure – it’s not just about the time. Never has been, but it’s something often taught to the average person to justify low wages.

Delegate To Willing Family Members
I don’t mean to be stereotypical so if I’m wrong, let me know in the comments, but this advice will probably resonate most with the women. Men are really good at delegating tasks to family members despite their net worth. Women are not as good at doing that because we want to nurture and help everyone.

We can argue about it, but the best course of action is to think about and narrow it down to only considering what you can control and what you cannot control. You can only control your actions and reactions to things. You can’t control someone else at all. So, if you are feeling resentful in any way against your family because you feel like you are taking on too much work at home, speak up and start delegating just like other confident people do.

Outsource To Experts
When money is not a concern, the things you spend your money on are different than when you are struggling. Those who are struggling tend to spend more on housing, healthcare, and food, while those in higher tax brackets spend more on experiences and downtime than the necessities of life. However, even so, they are more productive, and this is because they aren’t afraid to outsource to experts to let them do what they do, giving them more free time to have amazing mind-opening experiences. Of course, having time to experience more fun and joy increases their perception of happiness. Set income benchmarks that signal time to outsource all the things you don’t need to be doing to meet those goals and beyond.

If you don’t like doing something, stop doing it. Don’t be ashamed of not wanting to clean your own toilet. There is someone out there who values their toilet cleaning skill and who wants nothing more than to be paid good money to clean your bathroom. The same can be said about literally anything in life. If you like doing it, keep doing it. If you don’t like doing it, stop doing it and find someone willing to trade something with you to do it, either money or something else of value.